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Max Supply: 4,294,967,295
Circulating Supply: 214,748,367

Min-Specs: 812KB Ram / 16-64 GB SD / OrangePI Zero

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VF Cash?

VF Cash is a Cryptocurrency project that started on the 23rd of April 2019. It has no Proof-of-Work (POW) rather it has a transaction rate limit per address / public key of three seconds. This prevents the sender or the receiver of a transaction from making any further transactions during this period. The chain is unordered (DAG), and the networking uses UDP. The Digital Signature algorithm uses secp256r1.

This is a non-divisible coin, pre-mined, written in C, compiled with GCC, 256-bit key length, Transactions are 72.3% smaller than an average Bitcoin-Core transaction, relating to total blockchain size.

Transactions are truly free, there is no charge for making a transaction on the network.

This is a private decentralised network, as-in you will need control of some currency before the rest of the network considers your dedicated node viable for indexing.

Join us on Telegram @vfcash

Below if you do not wish to use the Web-Wallet you can directly enter Public / Private key details to perform actions such as Balance / Ledger queries and construct Transactions.

Manual VFC Blockchain Operations

Enter an address / public key to see it's current balance.

Make a new Transaction:

Below enter an address / public key to see all Received and Sent transactions.

Installation & Running a Full Node

More Information: GitHub VFC-Core

To become an active part of the network leave the coin program running in a screen and make sure any necessary ports are forwarded, VFC uses UDP Port 8173. You will need to make atleast one valid transaction on the network before the mainnet indexes you as a peer and will commuicate with your node.

The latest BlockChain state is available here: blocks.dat

If you would like to follow through the entire blockchain then follow all sent transactions from the genesis address provided below: foxXshGUtLFD24G9pz48hRh3LWM58GXPYiRhNHUyZAPJ

Fresh Key Pair / Wallet Address Generation

We have generated for you a new public and private key that can be used as a fresh account key-pair to transfer VFC assets to under your control.

Public Key


Please save these account details as these private and public keys are your only way of authorising actions on your VFC asset.