VF Cash is a digital currency project of 1 year and 10 months old that intends to address the issue of micro-transactions.

  • The VF Cash network has perceptibly instant transactions with no fees.
  • Currency can be mined offline allowing for private transactions from mined addresses.
  • Webmasters can monetize their websites in a non-invasive way that is compliant with HTML5 standards.
Learn more about the VF Cash project over at the Medium article here.

Regarding the technically minded, for more information refer to the FAQ.

Access your account here.

We have a new game which utilises VFC called StarTrader.io be one of the first to play it.



Minting Difficulty - 0%

Next Network Difficulty: 0% in 10 minutes
To decrease the difficulty towards (0%) pay VFC into:
1,089,647 VFC
To increase the difficulty towards (100%) pay VFC into:
1,074,793 VFC

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