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VF Cash is a mineable cryptocurrency built from the ground up featuring cutting edge cryptography and the world's first Proof-of-Key algorithm. Lightweight, secure, and fast, you can use VF Cash to safely and effortlessly send any amount of value, whether it is a micropayment for an IoT device or vast sums transferred between institutions. Transactions are instant and there are no transaction fees.

VF Cash can be used as a privacy coin as any VFC spent directly from subGenesis addresses is completely untraceable with no discernible origin connected to any payment history or identity. The amount of VFC mined is also completely anonymous until spent.

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What is VF Cash?

VF Cash is a Cryptocurrency project that started on the 23rd of April 2019. It has no Proof-of-Work (POW) but instead features the world’s first Proof-of-Key (POK) algorithm, consisting of a finders-keepers distribution system similar to mining, and a transaction rate limit per address / public key of three seconds for the confirmation period. This prevents the sender of the transaction from making any further transactions during this period. VF Cash is a minimal implementation unordered chain, commonly referred to as a directed acyclic graph (DAG), and the networking uses UDP. The Digital Signature algorithm uses secp256r1.

Divisible to three decimal places, VF Cash is written in C, compiled with GCC, 256-bit key length, Transactions are 76.16% smaller than an average Bitcoin-Core transaction.

Transactions are free as there are no charges for making a transaction on the network. However, transactions do create inflation of the currency which is partly paid back to the node operators as rewards.

In the spirit of Bitcoin, VF Cash is a decentralised peer-to-peer digital cash protocol and not a company. An initial Core Working Group has been established to provide guidance and direction to VC Cash in the early stage of its existence. Once the network matures, all operational matters will be turned over to the community, via the formation of a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) or other legal means.

How Can I Receive Rewards?

You can contribute to the VF Cash network and receive VFC as rewards by becoming a miner, node operator, or both. VF Cash supports both online and offline mining. Miners hunt for private keys and are rewarded with the random VFC balances stored within. Node operators play a crucial role in verifying transactions on the network and directly influence the network’s difficulty level throughout the day by selecting a difficulty level which is averaged together with the levels submitted by other nodes.

To mine VFC, please compile our Portable nativeMiner here. Learn how to set up a full node on Linux here.

VFC Minted per Minute

Transactions per Minute

Minting Difficulty - 0.182

Next Network Difficulty: 0.182 in 2 minutes

To increase the difficulty towards 0.031 pay VFC into:
246,447 VFC
To increase the difficulty towards 0.240 pay VFC into:
186,447 VFC

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Project Roadmap

  • April - Project starts.
  • May - Project’s testnet is launched and source code is released on GitHub.
  • June - Project’s mainnet is released and the rewards system begins for node operators.
  • July - New website design and new web wallet is released. VFC mining begins.
  • August - Integrate with VGATE DEX as the primary and official exchange for VFC. Enable multi-threaded transaction processing.
  • September - Run promotions. Launch Mining Pool & Community Hub.
  • October - Institutional mining begins with mandatory ethical and social responsibility guidelines, and VFC is listed on more exchanges.
  • November - Establish strategic partnerships for liquidity and mass adoption.
  • December - Organise a charity drive. Launch a fair mining and Noone-Excluded initiative so even a child from a low-income family can mine a life-changing amount of VFC on a simple Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Public VFC Blockchain Operations

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Circulating Supply: 24,185,422 Total Transactions: 4,605,130

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