What is VF Cash?

VF Cash is a Cryptocurrency project that started on the 23rd of April 2019. It has no Proof-of-Work (POW) but instead features the world’s first Proof-of-Key (POK) algorithm, consisting of a finders-keepers distribution system similar to mining, and a transaction rate limit per address / public key of three seconds for the confirmation period. This prevents the sender of the transaction from making any further transactions during this period. VF Cash is a minimal implementation unordered chain, commonly referred to as a directed acyclic graph (DAG), and the networking uses UDP. The Digital Signature algorithm uses secp256r1.

Divisible to three decimal places, VF Cash is written in C, compiled with GCC, 256-bit key length, Transactions are 76.16% smaller than an average Bitcoin-Core transaction.

Transactions are free as there are no charges for making a transaction on the network. However, transactions do create inflation of the currency which is partly paid back to the node operators as rewards.

Currently Trading on VGATE & Bihodl Exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • git clone https://github.com/vfcash/VFC-Core && cd VFC-Core
  • chmod 0777 compile.sh
  • sudo ./compile.sh
  • vfc cdn_resync
  • Install(s) to /usr/bin/vfc
  • Ensure you have the UDP Port 8787 forwarded.
  • Run "vfc mine" and earn some VFC to register your node on the network.
  • Make sure you run compile.sh as root, for example: sudo ./compile.sh
  • If you are behind a router, make sure you have UDP port 8787 forwarded to the correct local IP address on your network.
  • If you are in China, you will find that you may have your internet connection dropped periodically due to the use of UDP.
  • Please ensure you have an IPv4 address.
  • You do not need to run a local node to mine and claim VFC rewards to your rewards address. However, it is highly suggested you run a node so that you are not limited by the restrictions on the REST API.
  • If you are mining offline with Linux, you can claim your mined VFC rewards by entering "vfc claim" into the console, or to see your unclaimed addresses use "vfc unclaimed".
  • To launch the miner enter "vfc mine" into the console.
  • You can claim your mined VFC rewards by entering "vfc claim" into the console, or to see your unclaimed addresses use "vfc unclaimed".
  • Your data directory is located at ~/.vfc/. You can change this by setting the Environment Variable VFCDIR to a custom directory path.
  • Your reward address private key is located in ~/.vfc/private.key. This is all you need to perform a backup.
  • Your minted private keys are located in ~/.vfc/minted.priv
  • Once you are up and running, you just need to enter the command "vfc help" into the console.


https://vfcash.uk may be subject to caching, consider http://vfcash.co.uk as a non-cached alternative.