CryptoCurrency Trading Indicators by James Willam Fletcher
Pattern Analysis & Swing Analysis

Bull Swings 1 Day
Bull Swings 30m
Bull Swings 15m

Bull Swings 1m
Bear Swings 1m

Bull Swings 20 Ticks
Bear Swings 20 Ticks

Why? You can't get any of this data, in this format, from tradingview.

Tradingview's Pine Script does not provide the functionalty for such indicators to exist, although variable labels have recently been added they are still very limited in use.

Data is sourced from the REST API.


I have managed to represent my obsessive work on Swing Trading indication into a Trading View indicator that I liken to call the Swing Delta Convergence Differential or "SDCD" for short which can be found here with the full pine script source code.

Not that you've asked, I know, but if you'd like to know I trade using RSI, SDCD and Volumes; Heikin Ashi candles can be cute but I mostly stick to traditional candle sticks. I used to like Aroon but I find it more ambigious than my SDCD. The Sushi Roll pattern is always a good trend-reveral pattern to look out for. I also used to like Stochastic RSI but I now find it almost as useless as the MACD, they're what I term as "Cute" indicators as they look to feel indicative of useful signals such as the Heikin Ashi candle sticks type, however, they are often lagging and/or not the impression they first present.

If I where trading to purely make money, I would feel disheartened. I trade because I am an obsessive compulsive theorist, researcher and above all proud developer.